Valentine’s Day Menu

Valentine’s Day Dinner Special

Appetizer Platter for two People
Bastilla(fillo with chicken and almond. Topped with powder sugar and cinnamon).
Makouda(spicy potato croquette with garlic sauce).
Spanakopitas(fillo with spinach and feta cheese).

A Choice of Two Entrees
Couscous Royale (Vegetarian)Sweet potaoes, butternut squash, Raisins, garbonzo, potatoes and carrots served over a bed of couscous.
Tagine D’atlas (Vegetarian)Artichokes, green peas, potatoes and carrots in lemon sauce served with rice.
Kabob ComboCharbroiled Chicken and Lamb skewers served with rice and grilled veggies.
Chicken au Saffron½ Cornish hen with potatoes and olives in lemon saffron sauce served with rice.
Lamb M’KelaLamb shank in a garlic coriander sauce with sautéed vegetables and rice.
Lamb Au PruneauLamb shank in a Saffron sauce with prunes, roasted almonds and served with couscous.
Fish a la Chermoula TagineWild Cod sautéed in spicy cilantro sauce served with rice.
Oregano Beef TagineBraised beef with zucchini and tomatoes in oregano sauce served with rice.
Beef Potato TagineBraised beef with potatoes and kalamata olives in saffron sauce served with rice.

A choice of two Desserts
Galaktoboureko (Greek Custard Pie, Oasis signature ice cream)
Moroccan Rice Pudding roll (Topped with almonds, powder sugar,cinnamon, Oasis signature ice cream )
Almond Baklava (fillo, almonds, honey, sesame seeds,Oasis signature ice cream)

$45 per person

Any Bottle of wine, two glasses of wine or one glass of wine are 50% off.

Happy Valentines.