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Koufta Kabob

Mediterranean Salad

Lamb Kabob

Lamb Kabob





Josh and Stephanie wedding catered by Oasis Restaurant & Catering.





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Thank you for choosing the right caterer to Make your special day a magical memory for you and for your guests. Whether elegant or casual, traditional or contemporary, intimate or large, we want to make every moment of your special day come to life. Our pre-selected Wedding Menu offers our chefs most favorable menu selections. For a more customized menu you may choose from our Custom Catering Menu where you can mix and match your menu to suit your individual tastes and budget.

Stan and Kaila's wedding

Stan and Kaila’s wedding

Please visit our custom catering menu to plan your event within your budget for small parties or scroll down for our package deals for large parties or weddings.
Be free to create your own catering menu and for more help do not hesitate to contact Chef Karim for free consultation. We can schedule your appointment at any day of week except on Mondays from 9 am to 2 pm to draft your menu.

We do offer Moroccan / Mediterranean breakfast menu upon request.

Heidi’s wedding

Heidi and Ethan’s wedding










Choose any Four items from the Appetizers  and  Finger Foods in our  custom catering menu Starting at $12.95  Per Person. 

Choose any Six items from the Appetizers  and  Finger Foods in our custom catering menu Starting at $18.95 Per Person.



Choose any Eight items from the Appetizers  and  Finger Foods in our custom catering menu Starting at $23.95 Per Person.

  • Also you can create your own event menu or contact Chef Karim to help you pick items for your guests.

     Choose any Eight items from 

    Appetizers, Finger Foods, Salads, and entrees from our custom catering menu

    With a Maximum of Two entrees of your choice at Starting at $34.95 per person.

    Add another entrees of your choice Starting at $10.00 per person. 

    For another additional entree or to choose from our  Oasis Special Menu you can call for the price.


Large Cakes are also available up on request.

Prices are subject to changes.